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Salad with roasted peaches and miso dressing

by @deliciaskitchen

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This salad is perfect for a midday meal. The season for cold legume recipes is beginning and this alternative will pleasantly surprise you. The sweetness of the peach with the miso sauce and the crunchiness of the seeds is a spectacle.

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20' Single

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  • Peach
  • Lamb's lettuce
  • Quinoa
  • Cooked lentils
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Black sesame
  • Red Miso
  • Lemon
  • Rice vinegar
  • Agave syrup


Nut-free - Nut-free - Gluten-free Gluten free - Gluten free - Egg free Eggs free - Dairy free Dairy free - Dairy free No soya - No soy - No wheat Wheat free - Wheat free

(May contain traces)

Why is it good for you?

The combination of lentils and quinoa provides a complete protein with all the essential amino acids. This recipe also contains beta-carotene from the peach, the probiotic effect of miso and zinc, selenium and calcium from the seeds. A perfect combination for a healthy and nutritious diet.

Nutritional facts

Energy value116 Kcal310 Kcal
Carbon hyd.14 gr38 gr
Sugars4 gr10 g
Fats3 gr8 gr
Fat sat.0 gr0 gr
Proteins6 gr17 gr
Fiber5 g13 gr

In your kitchen

Extra virgin olive oil

Sea salt and pepper

Frying pan



Casserole dish

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"Healthy recipes! I love it because many times I don't know what to cook!"
Jose Robles

"The perfect combination for those who want to eat healthy, sustainably and improve their culinary skills. Everything is also at a very good price. They update their recipe book every week, so there's no boredom. Highly recommended.
Miguel Álvarez Hernández

"TOP experience!!! Wonderful delivery, very careful packaging and delicious recipe! A highly recommended experience!!!"
Laura Cañizares

Frequently Asked Questions

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The ingredients are delivered to your home in the form of a Mealkit, a kraft paper bag where you receive all your ingredients in reusable glass jars.
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Is the cheese pasteurised in all recipes?
No, the recipes WITH pasteurised cheese are: Bonito moussaka, Greek salad and Chefbosquet pesto pasta. The recipes with UNpasteurised cheese are: Eggs with mushrooms and parmesan, Spelt Pizza, Foodtropia Crêpes, Chefbosquet Pesto Pasta and fS Caesar Salad.

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